Michael Irvine Automotive Fine Art

With a passion for the automobile that started in his childhood, Michael Irvine has chosen to focus his artistic talent on capturing American muscle cars in watercolor. His unique approach to this traditionally 'loose' medium, and ardent eye for detail produces clean, sharp images that are alive with color and narration. Michaelís use of reflective surfaces and Ďhiddení images along with his incredible attention to technical accuracy, make his paintings highly captivating.

Asked why most of his current paintings feature the Ford Mustang, Michael responds, "My first car was a Mustang, so was my 2nd, 3rd and 4th. I really like itís aggressive, Ďgo fastí look, with itís clean lines and chrome accents." Although his portfolio seems to favor Mustangs, Michael likes and appreciates American muscle cars in general. He has owned a 1973 Camaro and admits he'd like to add a 1969 Camaro, '68 Charger and a '70 Challenger to his collection. Michael received his first art scholarship in Grade 2 and from this early interest it was natural for Michael to gravitate toward commercial art. He graduated from the Graphic Design program at Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton, Alberta, but it was obvious from the start that illustration was the focus of his talent. His approach to water color, together with his background in illustration and his love of classic cars, have proved instrumental in developing Michael's passion for automotive art.

In 1994, he released Evolution of a Legend, in commemoration of the Mustang's 30th anniversary. His most recent releases include the extremely well received Mach 1 print, Shakin' Up the Street, The General's Stars Have Stripes, Any Color So Long As It's Black, Flashback on the Track, End of the Line, Big Blocks Behind The Barn and the two newest prints are Always Room For One More and Elimination Round. Michael's work is collected not only in North America, but internationally as well.

Michael lives in Southern Ontario with his wife and two children. He enjoys a successful independent business, allowing him the freedom to spend lots of time with his family and to pursue his automotive fine art. He spends his leisure time restoring and driving his lime gold 1967 GTA convertible and restoring, a pewter 1971 Mach 1.


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