"Always Room For One More"

Imagine, being back in the mid-1970s.  The public's demand for V8 power drops as fuel shortages across the US cause the price of gas to skyrocket.  Dealerships and used car lots become flooded with these big block beasts as customers desperately trade them in for more fuel efficient transportation.  In the frenzy, you have the foresight to realize just how special these machines are.  With prices too good to pass up, you begin to assemble a few of your favorites.

The setting, brilliant colors and incredible detail draw you into this legendary story. All the great ones are here, RS/SS, Super Sports, Yenko, Motion!  "The collection is coming along fine, but there's always room for one more..."


* Hand signed and numbered

* Embossed with Studio Seal

* Certificate of Authenticity

* Overall size - 22" x 28"

* 10pt satin finish, acid free stock

Price: $140.00




Please note: the 'Michael Irvine' logo DOES NOT appear on the actual print.

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